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About Us

Experience, Passion, Dedication

A Tuscan Family

My family discovered this lost paradise in the summer of 2004.

The house and the vineyard were abandoned and in a state of neglect. But as the incomparable beauty of the view opens out, we immediately fell in love with this ideal bucolic scenery and its dreamy landscape, and we decide at once that we ought to own the property.
The construction was little more than ruins to be entirely restored, but among the groves of oak and olive trees, this ancient building was reborn thanks to the care, sensitive and tenacity of the whole family.
It involved a huge challenge: to enhance the building’s graces and transform it into an elegant villa in one hand. And contemporary to evolve it naturally towards a more modern concept in the other hand, given the need to optimise a combination of antique styling and modern technology in the heart of countryside. It was up to the demanding standards of prestige required both by the venerable building and its pride new owners.
Throughout the three years spent renovating the entire property, we tried to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in each room, establishing a comfortable and elegant design, marked by the eye for full details.

Several major architectural interventions were carried out. An attentive process that have totally captured the refined beauty of Tuscan architecture, adopting a classically traditional approach, using local materials and some bio-architecture techniques, and employing many of the skilled craftsmen of the area.
The fabrics and furniture were chosen personally by us – found at local antique markets and shops in Florence, Arezzo and Siena. And the colours palette have been choosen following the typical shades of Tuscan farmhouses, so that today warm yellow and earth tones, handmade terracotta, and the rare marble in honey tones, enriche the colour scheme of the villa.
All our works want to allow you today to can enjoy an high level of privacy and the best home comforts. Decide how you would like to spend your days: take a stroll through quaint Tuscan hill town and relax in a café on the village square; or take it easy, enjoying the beautiful view and bathing in sunshine at La Valiana.

La Valiana comes to light with the sole intention of giving you the opportunity to live and breathe Tuscany in an unforgettably beautiful way. Our passion, coupled with the knowledge of our land, makes this villa your final stop when searching for an unique holiday in Tuscany.